Art Reveal Magazine - Issue 43

Nov 11, 2018

Featured in the latest issue of Art Reveal Magazine 

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Each issue of the magazine will present several contemporary artist portfolios, their artistic statements, Interviews, and articles.

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Spotlight - Contemporary Art Magazine - Issue 11

Nov 05, 2018

Featured in the latest issue of Spotlight - Contemporary Art Magazine

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Published by CFA Press Distributed Internationally Online and Paper We present a unique selection of 61 remarkable fine artists that should be collected. We examine works in photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, illustration, drawing and installation that are curated together to tell the story of what art looks like today. Each unique page is an introduction to the artist’s practice and their ideas on art-making and the magazine as a whole function as a who is who in fine art today. Enjoy leafing through this magazine, visit each artist’s website to see more about their art and inquire with us or them directly to acquire a piece, hire the artist, or collaborate with them.

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Medium - World's best landscape photographers
Nov 02, 2018
Landscape photographers from USA, India and Canada score highest in Category 43 of the 2018 AMERICAN ART AWARDS.
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Medium - World's best Digital non-representational artist 
Nov 02, 2018
Digital Artists from USA, India and Canada score highest in Category 48 of the 2018 AMERICAN ART AWARDS.
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Sohu - Article

Sept 25, 2018  

Featured in the latest article "The ultimate black and white light of the building."

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Inside Artist - Issue 14

Sept 01, 2018

Featured in the latest issue of Inside Artists 

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Art is a conduit to the human soul. Through paint and ink, metal and wood, pencil and clay we catch a glimpse at the inner feelings of the artist. They invite us to look further than the perimeters of the canvas, to experience the meaning behind every mark, fingerprint and brushstroke. Whether it’s a state of happiness or sorrow, the artist pours their emotion into their process, and in turn, the viewer is free to find their own interpretation in the artwork; intertwining their personal joy, despair, passion, grief or rage. The artwork is a mirror into which we gaze, finding pieces of the artist and ourselves

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Camerapixo  - Issue 33

June 22, 2018

Featured in the latest issue of Camerapixo - Worldwide Photography - We Inspire Issue 33 

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Szeroki kadr by Nikon 

Dec 28, 2017

Featured in the Worldwide Inspirations 

Get to know the work of interesting photographers. Visit their websites and see what effects they get. Discover a different technique, feel the passion and style. Read an interesting book. Get inspired!

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TopTeny   - Top 10 Best Panoramic Photographers in the World

Featured in top 10 best panoramic photographer in the world  by TopTeny Online Magazine

What do you think of taking your photography to a higher level and making your photographs more impressive? Capturing photographs is the only way that allows photographers to show us the stunning beauty of nature, animals, birds, buildings and other amazing things that exist in our world. The ordinary way through which the photographs are captured does not allow photographers to show all what they see. So, if you want to take your photography to a higher level, you have to resort to panoramic photography. Such kind or technique of photography is perfect for those photographers who want to capture a wider perspective and present a complete view of what they photograph. Panoramic photography, which is also referred to as wide format photography, requires using specialized equipment or software for creating horizontal panoramic images. Panoramic photographers use ultra-wide lenses or resort to stitching several photos together through using Auto Stitch or Photoshop to finally create their panoramic images. In addition to moving the camera from left to right for capturing panoramic photographs, you can also go up or down for showing more details. The horizontal images are widely believed to be the most common when we talk about panoramic photographs, but in addition to this type of photographs, there are also the vertical images or vertical panoramas that are ideal when you photograph waterfalls or buildings. Let’s start enjoying the stunning panoramic photographs that are presented here by the top 10 best panoramic photographers in the world

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AAA World 

March 2014

Featured in the AAA World Magazine

The winning images of the 15th annual AAA World Photo Contest speak to the heart of the art of photography. 

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